our water industry professionals around the world have been making an impact in the water sector for over 40 years. now, more than ever, they are leading on the development and management of new technologies so that as the world seeks to recover from covid-19 we find more sustainable ways of managing our natural resources.

our specialised technology courses are designed for engineering and technology careers within the water and environment sectors. students study the essential management aspects of their subject through lectures. for example, they may relate managing technical decisions with financing technology investments whilst adhering to new regulations within their sector.

opportunities within the water sector are vast, and by combining engineering, technology and science aspects with management expertise, our msc courses ensure that you are equipped with the skills and experience needed to develop your career as soon as you graduate.

the water mscs we offer are:

how to apply

if you are due to complete your undergraduate degree in 2020, excel in your field of study and are a uk resident eligible for home fee status please click the link below to register for the scholarship and to receive more information.

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the best thing about being a cranfield student is exposure, no doubt about it. it's exposure to the most brilliant minds, leading people in the industry and state-of-the-art facilities.

many of my classmates have already been experts in the industry. i was astonished by their abundant knowledge, creative thinking and prudent attitude. i soon came to realise that being surrounded by such amazing people will only benefit me throughout my time at cranfield and contribute to the incredible year i have ahead, both socially and academically.

we have quite a few in our team who have done a phd or msc at cranfield. i particularly like the msc course. if i find someone has got cranfield's msc in wastewater treatment or water treatment on their cv, then it actually immediately attracts me to know that they’ve had a really good basis of learning.